About us?

The company was legally incorporated before the Chamber of Commerce of Cali on February 2, 2017 and the site where it concentrates its operations was acquired on March 6, 2017, which is located in the geographic valley of the Cauca River, an elevated inter-Andean valley. at one thousand meters above sea level, recognized for the fertility of its lands and its optimal climate for planting a wide variety of crops. The plot of 136,300 m2 belongs to the municipality of Trujillo, Huassano corregimiento, is on the Panorama road at km 47 via half canoe-La Union.

The first delivery of plant material corresponded to the Manimer Company’s contract for 14,668 ‘Red Globe’ grape plants for the planting of a 7.7-hectare project in the Toro municipality of San Francisco in the north of the Cauca Valley.






Long term

Become an important player in the Colombian fruit chain, providing value offers represented in finished products and services with a high level of differentiation.



Medium term

Introduce genetic material of promising fruit trees to the different fruit regions of the country, from the origins with greater recognition for the genetic and phytosanitary quality and evaluate them through participatory research in a way that generates specific localized knowledge, that allows to make recommendations of correct use and leverage the strengthening of local fruit growing with the greatest chance of success.



Short term

Address the unmet demand for plant material from different fruit trees that is being generated in the country thanks to the current situation generated by the recent peace scenario and the successful experiences of crops such as the ‘Hass’ avocado that present the challenge of growing sustainable way.






Why Colombia?

The strategic geographical location that allows it to go out to international markets through its two oceans, as well as the favorable climatic conditions to go out with complementary harvests in times of shortage for other countries with an exporting offer, make Colombia a country with great potential to develop a strong agro-export industry, taking into account also that its domestic market is one of the most significant in South America with a population of 50 million inhabitants. Therefore, it is essential to implement a quality nursery, since it represents the primary link in the fruit chain and the quality of its products and services will depend to a great extent on the success of all the productive activity.


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Carretera Panorama Km 47 – Vía Media Canoa La Unión, Corregimiento Huasanó
Valle del Cauca – Colombia

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